Leadership Learning Networks (2019-20)

Ingham Intermediate School District's Student Instructional Services (SIS) team organizes much of the service area professional learning opportunities and are excited about a new chapter by the forming of Learning Networks. These Learning Networks will consist of a network for all administrative levels. We understand this is a departure from traditional professional development offered in the way of one-day trainings or off the shelf conferences or speakers. This bold, long-term, collaborative approach of network development creates promising impacts for student learning and outcomes. According to Hattie (2015), through “collaborative expertise” with the effect size of 1.57, we can make impact by building relationships, analyzing data and sharing knowledge and resources.


Name Instructor(s) Location Cost Registrations Days Start
HS Principals Leadership Network Cooper, Josh & Ruh, Shelley IISD - Wilson Talent Center - 505 Free 15 / 30 4 10/15/2019 Register
Elementary Leadership Network (ELLN) N/A, IISD - Thorburn Education Center - A/B/C Free 35 / 60 4 10/24/2019 Register
MS Principals/HS Assistant Principals N/A, IISD - Thorburn Education Center - 302 Free 20 / 30 4 10/31/2019 Register