Crucial Conversations

Crucial Conversations
CRUCIAL CONVERSATIONS® Do you ever hold your opinion inside and then one day, when you can't take it any longer, speak your mind—but by then you're so upset that it comes out all wrong? Do you ever hold back a differing opinion, hoping someone else will bring up the objection, but nobody does and your opinion goes unheard? Have you ever wanted to give a coworker or family member sensitive feedback but decided not to because the conversation might not go well—or might even harm your relationship? Does it sometimes feel unsafe to state your honest view because there's a chance that stating a differing or unpopular view could come back to haunt you? If any of these sound familiar, it is time for Crucial Conversations Training. What is a Crucial Conversation? A crucial conversation is a discussion between two or more people where stakes are high,opinions vary, and emotions run strong. These conversations—when handled poorly or ignored—cause teams and organizations to get less-than-desirable results. Put our award winning Crucial Conversations Training approach to work for you, your team, and your organization, and everything gets better. Crucial Conversations Training Our training teaches you how to achieve spirited dialogue at all levels in your organization; you’ll begin to surface the best ideas, make the highest-quality decisions, and then act on your decisions with unity and commitment. This training experience introduces a set of tools that builds alignment, agreement, and interpersonal communication.

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Crucial Conversations - 4 half day sessions
Susan Tinney