NGSX-Preparing for the Michigan Science Standards through the Next Generation Science Exemplar 18/19

This program focuses on the practices of developing and using models, engaging in argumentation, and constructing explanations. Sessions will allow K-12 teachers to engage as adult learners with science content and classroom cases, as well as reflect on and adjust their own instruction. Through the content of “matter” all K-12 teachers will learn and practice the pedagogy shifts in the NGSS. At the same time, teachers will see classroom examples of modeling, argumentation and constructing explanations in practice. Teachers will immediately be able to apply their new knowledge to their own classroom practices. The NGSX system is designed to engage teacher learners in a study group format in the three major dimensions of the NGSS - core ideas of science, scientific and engineering practices, and crosscutting concepts. At the same time NGSX participants are engaged with student performance expectations found in the Michigan Science Standards.

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