Phonemic Awareness: The Skills They Need to Help Them Succeed (Heggerty)

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Two of the best predictors of success in early reading are phonemic awareness and alphabet knowledge. Developing phonemic awareness in young children is central in learning to read and spell. Participants will be provided with an overview of why developing phonemic awareness is crucial for readers in the early years. This professional learning session will focus on generalizable instruction procedures, modeling by the presenter and practice teaching of the ten focus skills and video demonstrations. The Phonemic Awareness Curriculum is highly recommended for this session. Unfortunately, the ISD is no longer providing a free manual with the session. However, you can order books online at You will want to place your order 2 weeks before the session. Please note there will be a fee of $100 for any registrants outside of the IISD. Intended Audience: Pre K- First Grade Teachers

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